...hope prevails


...hope prevails - lyrics

A Break in the Clouds:

The storm clouds move in overhead, drowning out the light of day. Blinded in the darkness, soul torn apart by the falling rain. Cold and alone, trembling with fear and shame. Arms stretched to the sky as blood drips from my eyes, I wait for a break in the clouds. Withered from the absence of glory, fruitless from the absence of light. Barren from self-reliance, empty but not without hope. I still remember the glory of the light; I know the power of the sun. Amidst the despair, hope will prevail, as calm follows every storm. Hungry for renewal, longing for the warmth that awaits, I wait for a break in the clouds.

Embrace the Beauty:

Reflecting upon history, things of the past that cannot change. Self-inflicted torture, the everlasting pain of revisited experiences of yesterday. Walking backwards through life ever dwelling on the uncontrollable. Perception of hope withers to bitter disillusionment. Ahead lies an unbeaten path, a road yet un-traveled, free from the wreckage of the trail behind. A choice at hand, freedom or chains? Embrace the hope of a new day. Cast off the shackles of haunted memories. Embrace the Beauty of healing love and redemption. Embrace a new beginning. Leave behind all fear and trembling. Embrace the glory that overshadows remembrance-borne misery. Memories that once tore the soul apart, sealed away in a whitewashed history. No longer strangled by a hopeless outlook. Embrace the beauty of a new beginning. Embrace the gift of grace and mercy.

A Cold Dark Whisper:

Did you ever expect to see me here? Did you ever expect to know my fear? Did you ever expect to close your eyes? Did you ever expect that you would die? Do you know who I am? I think your fear will show you. Nightmare so beautiful, everywhere you'd least expect. Master of manipulation, unknowingly you gave me control. Come with me, take my hand; I'll lead you through this promise land. Show you what you don't want to see. Show you why you are here with me. Silently I scream your name, deaf though you are you head my cry. Surrendering your soul to me, to gain freewill and fulfill desires. Desires, which I've implanted in you, the life you lead I control. Pure potential shines in the light. Charred and empty you lye by my side. Cold, dark terror resides in your eyes as you gnash your teeth and realize I am real and you I own, eternally you'll writhe at my throne. Pleads for mercy diminish in the night. Deliverance was offered, you denied. Grace hung plainly before your eyes, refused to give up control of your life. Ironically you did indeed, traded life to die with me.


Wasting away, you fall, you fail, and I know you can't understand it. Falling down you stay on the ground. You can't pull yourself up anymore. Lost in the dark of duplicity, your loss only brings hate and despair. Latent bitterness burns in your soul. Smoldering, burning from inside to out. From experience I can tell you, when you hate you're just wasting your time. Give your foe too much of yourself, he and destruction, you walk on the line. Love your brother but hate the things he does to himself. Serve one another the way you would have done to yourself. What doesn't kill me just makes me weaker. Logic defines your insistence to me that my faith conflicts with your reason. My faith can illumine what you cannot see. Watch your world crumble and fall around your ears. Denying the spirit your body will fail. Yet the infinite reach of evil tinged logic envelops life with indelible strength.

Wounds of the Tongue:

Blood drips down the spine of the unknowing victim. Tongue like steel plunges deep into the spirit, piercing more than just feelings, severing the ties of brotherhood. Thought shot from the hip inflicts a mortal wound. Festering contempt now burns darkly in the mind of the inflicted. Clumsily worded, insincere apologies try to suture the wounds of the tongue, motivated by self-concern rather than remorse. Nonchalant disregard for the implications of destructive comments fuels the corrosion of social unity. Smile in their presence, slander in their absence. Cut the flesh from their bones as their backs are turned. Years of bitter tears can flow from a split second comment. Words can never wash away the wounds of the tongue. Only love and remorse can heal the spirit.

Awe and Disbelief:

Second nature instilled with pride. Honor, glory, unbroken stride. Absence of dependence of dependence of absence. Square peg fills the void of a square hole. Conviction and splendor, honesty unfolds. Desperation unforgotten, far behind yet resides in the eyes of the cold. Warm, warm contrast assaulting to the senses. Realization embrace. Realization distaste. As if black on black, overlooked radiance, piercingly pure, frighteningly painful. Bright ray of hope looked upon as dull. Stricken with awe and disbelief. Tears flow with joy, compassion, and grief.

The Voice of Love:

Come with me, take my hand and I will lift you up. Take your pain, negate despair, bear your burdens for the rest of time. All of this has been done already, all that's left is for you to accept it. Put aside your selfish pride and realize what love is. No act too wrong, no pain to great, all your sin I'll wash away. My love was blood shed to overcome the horrors of this life. There is emptiness in your soul. Take my hand; trust in me, I'll fill the hole. Take my hand; trust in me, I'll make you whole. Take my hand; trust in me, I'll free your soul. Take my hand; trust in me, I'll fill the hole.

Obscured Reflection:

Gazing into the eyes of a new creation, the intrinsic nature of design cannot be denied. Stonehearted, stubborn mindset locked into a foolish confidence. Skeptical of miracles yet miracles form the foundation of the rational alternative. "Everything arose from nothing. Limitless complexity self-induced from chaos." Religious perspective = emotional deception, jaded belief in a creative hand. Secular gospels inherently absurd, scientific assumptions force-fed as fact. Scientific open mind unwilling to observe the obvious, that everything arose from nothing. Miracles designed by the divine, implemented with authority which mankind now denies.


(Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people)

Born dead in a dead world. Broken promises of flesh and spirit. Broken dreams of life and love. Self-absorption drowns out pure potential. Cold convenience steals an unborn soul. Hardened hearted self-concern enveloped in the grasp of fear. Judgment blinded by emotion, alludes to instincts of self-preservation. Lifeless hand never grasped another. Stone-deaf ears never had a chance to hear the silent cries that never rang out. Empty eyes never gazed upon the beauty. Stillborn heart never ached nor broke nor loved. A flame snuffed out before the light of day. A way of life preserved rather than a life. Slaughter of the innocent; exercise of choice. "Life is what we make it," and we take before birth. Cover up the sins incurred; preserve convenience...freedom...face.

(over 80% of Americans describe themselves as Christians, and yet in this same country, about 38 million babies have been aborted in the last 28 years...if you were to put a gold memorial star in the window of every home in America that has lost a baby to abortion, this country would form a galaxy of disgrace...lifestyle is chosen over human life...tragically the surgical solution has been chosen in our country millions and millions and millions and millions of times...Now ask yourself why God has not blotted the United States from the face of this planet? The only thing more staggering than the magnitude of the slaughter is the magnitude of God’s patience)

Denial of the breath we breathe, exalted shame, disgrace. Rejected source of life and love, forsaken wrath and judgment. Yet peace and patience surmount the sorrow. Freedom, grace, forgiveness through the covenant of blood.